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The guy I'm dating relationship took a tumble when he lost his business. I get it that its taking a lot and has him depressed but I feel like he pushes me away. Whenever I asked to spend time with him he gives me an excuse then he tells me he loves me and still care but he's trying to get his life together. But he always find time to hang out with his friends. Although we're not in a committed relationship we're very much close well was now I feel things are distant. Last time we had sex was three weeks ago, and he was my first, my gut is telling me that he found somebody else. He told me he was out of town but I didn't even bother to ask where.

My question is... Should I send him a message pretty much saying i don't think things are working out for us, our communications is non existent, we barely see each other now, we don't have sex that much, and you continue to push me away.


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  • You should definitely voice your concerns, but I would throw him a line, to. It's possible that he's just in a very bad place, and enjoys your support without giving back right now.

    You have to do what's right for you, but try to get him to make you understand his behavior first. If you can't/he won't help you understand, then it's probably time to let him know things aren't working out. Just remember: from his perspective, it will probably look like you're leaving because he's no longer financially successful. So you want to have good communication about your concerns beforehand.

    • This happened in May, and I have been by his side ever since. Even before this happened I never asked for any money or expected him to pay for things for me I always had my own so he should definitely know that my love is genuine and not for his money. I voiced my concerns numerous of times and I'll get the same reaction him telling me he's not himself lately so what am I suppose to do when it seems like I'm the one getting pushed away when all I want to do is help

    • I don't think there's any sure answer here. You just have to decide for yourself if it's worth trying to wait it out and seeing if, with your support, he backs around. Otherwise, you may just have to tell him you feel like you are trapped. A lot of guys don't want help, but I think it's fine (if it's been going on this long) to say something along the lines of "you seem miserable, but unwilling to do anything about it. If this doesn't ever change, I don't think I stay with you".

      Up to you. Of course you can and probably should also get some second opinions.

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  • I think he needs time to find himself again and he wants know hat he wants now that he is back to square one.