What's the best way to stop cutting?

I have depression (diagnosed by a doctor) I'm not on anything for it but I get so low that I end up cutting. I don't even think about what I'm doing untill its done, then I have the problem of hiding it :( my mum and brother pinned me down the other day and pulled up my sleeves, lucky for me they only found scars as id managed to stop... But now they have seen I can't seem to stop, I try so much, I really do but I can't its like i black out when I do it and don't even realise what I'm doing! I need to stop I know its not good for me. I do realise there are people who will read this and think I'm being stupid as what can possibly have happened to me to make me feel this way and that I'm probably over reacting because of my age... But I've asked this question to get some advise. I want to stop, I don't want to see the pity in my brothers eyes and the disappointed look in my mums anymore its tearing me apart :'( please give me some advise.


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  • You need to channel your emotions in a more contructive way... sometimes it maybe feels better to feel physical pain vs emotinal pain you get from depression

    But try and find a better outlet for that, exercise, anything... other thiings can hurt you too but maybe better... for example it hurts and its hard to jog for 1 hour going fast... your lungs will hurt lol...

    Just an example, bascially channel your energy in something else

    • I run long distance anyway but I will try to find something I can channel those emotions into, thanks

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    • Yea thats a good idea, not to take meds yet because your mind may still be able to get rid of it... dont stop the running, its very helpful as a cure... id bet youd feel a lot worse if you stopped

      When do you think it started? can you attach it to any reason?

    • Yeah I can, um my dad (who I don't see now) was very abusive, like very abusive and I've been assaulted in other ways so I guess I need to try to move past that instead of living every day like it'll happen again. Thats another reason for the running, so I know I can out run people :(

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  • hmmm

    okay first let me explain why people cut themselves. cutting is an attempt to either:

    a) feel in control of something (aka choosing to feel pain) because you feel you have no control over life

    b) you are punishing yourself for the fake guilt depression makes you feel

    c) You try to numb emotional pain with physical pain

    Question are you on any medicine and or any talk therapy?

    • Nah, no therapy

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    • that I'm not sure off but you can ask the counselor that

    • Yeah I guess so

  • Seeking serious professional help from therapist, doctors is the only way to go about it if you don't want help then sometime you might end up acting out

  • Remove all the sharp objects

    • I did that :( but then I always end up with something, I can't remove all the sharp objects in the house...

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    • Haha XD I could but then there is the option of burning (metal is a great conductor) so I'm pretty sure that wouldn't work haha

    • Chain safety gear

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