Define the perfect girl for me?

Based on your experiences of me bothering you:]
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For others... I am athletic>outdoors>on my way to be a fireman>compassionate>intellectual>troll>prankster>don't give up>romantic

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  • Fair warning, but this is my idea of a perfect woman. So, maybe there are things listed here that someone else would find unimportant. But that's because they can't describe the perfect woman correctly. *head swells*

    She is kind. She is compassionate, and she is empathetic to the plight of others. But she's also ruled by reason just as much as compassion. She's curious about the world, has a level head, and lives her life to make a positive impact in some way. She will love to read. She will love foods packed with flavor. The perfect woman isn't bland and neither are her food preferences. She's adventurous and loves walks in the woods and also watching the occasional documentary. She's kind to animals. She cares about what's happening in the world, and she is moved to do things, even on a small scale, to change the situation. She's funny and loves to joke around. And for you, she can easily be stuffed into the back of a moving van, smoke machine on full blast, of course.

    • Lol I read the last sentence first.. bahahahh thank you so much... but isn't that the universal wanted woman?

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    • Get offline woman you got shit to do!

    • :1 perfect woman shit

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  • well i dont know u well enough to say but from what i do, she needs to be well rounded with a good sense of humour and not the shy type. she'd probably be a sweetheart and a little bit crazy but in a good way. she should be someone who challenges u, and someone u can also challenge.

    i'd say her main traits would be funny, outgoing, cheeky and charming.

  • @OrdinaryGentleman, I am so honored to be on this To list with the other most amazing people here, dear.
    You are a True Gentleman, no doubt about it, and never once, have YOU made me feel any less of a lady that I believe that I am, Plus Very Very special here, dear
    Good luck and my blessings always. xxoo

    • Any girl is lucky to have you for you are this EXTRA ORDINARY GENTLEMAN @OrdinaryGentleman :)) xxoo
      Thank you for the upvote, sweet man. xxoo

  • Tall.. cuz short girl will look like your kid. Smart.. cuz you try to play mind games.. a bit calm.. Cuz you can be moody.. funny.. cuz everyone should be.. pretty + hot.. cuz all guys want that.. should like to try new stuff.. cuz you wouldn't Like to try them alone.. not a stuck up bitch. But a cool and nice girl who will know what she got is a great guy.. (best listener.. that's a rare thing in boys ) 😊😊

    • Why thank you madam... yeah I agree with the moody part, it doesn't help me but sometimes I just need to cool it:] I like this answer out of all I got so far

    • Just say it.. Cindi. You are the best.. 😁😁

  • You should look for a combination of them all

  • @ordinarygentlewoman @ordinarylady

  • i would say someone easy to talk to, gets along with family and friends, kind, intelligent, and empathetic.

  • Any girl that does not go for guys who think like you, are perfect in my eyes

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    • Thanks for proving my point by insulting me by the way

    • Lol and you are only backing up yours, you are so hurt by comments on another post that you come onto this one and say that... hun, that says a lot more about you than it does me :)

What Guys Said 2

  • I really couldn't my friend, I don't know nearly as well as I would need to, to do something like that.

  • I'd say a combination of all of those would be great

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