Is this a sign?

there's this guy that i like thats a redhead, and i really like him a lot. It seems like he genuinely likes me back.

I know this might sound silly, but ever since i started liking him, I keep getting these coincidences. I keep seeing people who also had red hair. And its a lot, like when im on instagram, the street, school, parties. Its really weird. I know it soumds far fetched but its true. Once one time it was after school and o had a feeling i woukd see him around the corner, it wasn't him, but it was a guy with redhair.

Im a person who believes in fate, and how god chooses it for us (im christian). I also keep seeing symbols of the cross when i think about him.


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  • It could be because you're thinking about him so much, that you're now just noticing what was already there. You might have been going by just as many red-haired people beforehand, but since there's now a specific person occupying your thoughts who has red hair, you're probably subconsciously on the lookout for it.