What song lyrics best describe you?

I was reading a question about girls as defined by Taylor Swift lyrics and it got me thinking what lyrics would best describe you? At this moment, right now?

For me: Sugarcult: counting stars

"Hey, i want to crawl out of my skin.
Appologise for all my sins.
All the things i should have said to you.
Hey, i can't make it go away.
Over and over in my brain again,
all the things i should have said to you."


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  • morrissey

    Losing in your home town
    Hell is the bell
    That we'll not ring again
    You will return one day
    Because of all the things that you see
    When your eyes close


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  • Enigma - return to innocence

    "Don't be afraid to be weak
    Don't be too proud to be strong
    Just look into your heart my friend
    That will be the return to yourself
    The return to innocence

    If you want, then start to laugh
    If you must, then start to cry
    Be yourself don't hide
    Just believe in destiny
    Don't care what people say
    Just follow your own way
    Don't give up and use the chance
    To return to innocence"

  • "Lonely. Lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely, I have nobody for my own." HAHA

  • For me: Hey there Delilah: Plain White Tees


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  • Aww, what chu be doin in your life to make you so remorseful? =( As for myself, hmm...
    It would either be a song about a fiercely independent girl, which I can't seem to think of any right now, or Simple Girl by Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jr. (apparently that's his name lol).

    She's a simple girl.
    She's governed by simple pleasures.
    She won't ever let you meet her family,
    but she'll show you pictures.

    She's a simple girl
    and she's got simple emotions.
    She won't ever let you in,
    but she wants to keep you in her corner.

    I'm always looking for some kind of sadness,
    something more than this.

    She's a simple girl
    and she's got simple feelings.
    No one ever let her know that she could get it out her heart, now.

  • I'm not sure maybe "kol hashem" which is a song about the voice of God. I am always trying to figure out what God's will is so I think that represents God to me.

  • "Sweet Disposition" : The Temper Trap

  • S&M by Rihanna

    "Cause I may be bad
    But I'm perfectly good at it
    Sex in the air
    I don't care
    I love the smell of it
    Sticks and stones
    May break my bones
    But chains and whips
    Excite me"

    Yep that's def my song