What's your version of complete happiness?

This question is mainly for a person to reflect on and take a decent amount of time to answer, because I'm truly interested as to what your version of complete bliss is.
Is it money? All the food in the world? Every person is different, so it should be really cool to see what every person's version is.
Please, feel free to leave an opinion. And feel absolutely entitled to it, for that aspect.


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  • Nice question, "Complete happiness" - Well i am sure every person's is different... but for me... this is my happiness :) :) :)

    When i was younger i would often ask myself this question and battle with my own mind as to what would bring me happiness. Initially i was told to work hard at school and study and focus on myself and build a name for myself... and you know what... i did... excelled at school, went to university, Graduated with an engineering degree, work and eventually started 2 companies that manufacture mechanical components and now i have my own investment firm. I always thought it would bring happiness and for a while it did... material things brought some level of satisfaction... i achieved what i wanted to do but something was missing... what? i have no idea. i was sort of happy but not really if you know what i mean

    The day i found her:
    ... this next chapter of my life is why i want to wake up everyday and live and she was able to fill the gaping hole in my heart. How do i even begin to describe it... my happiness... let me show you...

    -The times i get to sit with her and watch the sunset while holding her hand
    -When we walk out onto our balcony and dance to our hearts content
    -Travelling the world to seek out beautiful scenery only to realize my best scenery walks at my side
    -Shielding ourselves from the rain under my coat while hopelessly smiling at each other
    -Cuddling with her ans whispering silly things into her ear
    -Late for work only to realize she has hidden my shoes... cheeky girl :)
    -Leaving work half an hour early to race to her bakery so that we can close the front doors and eat everything in sight... gorging our faces with cupcakes and cream and cookies... like kids in a candy store
    -Holding onto her pregnant tummy and feeling all the little kicks coming from inside
    -Tickling her until she gives in
    -Lending a shoulder for her to cry on
    -Kissing her with a minute before sunrise
    -Running my hand through her hair
    - Not wanting to LET her win... but so wanting to lose to her in every game we play

    I am sure people have their own version of happiness... but for me... this is my happiness... my love for her.
    by the way what is your version of happiness?


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  • 1. College graduate🎓
    (Im tired of school lol so I can't wait 2 graduate)

    2. Calling myself "boss"
    (I plan to have a widely successful business in a few years. That is what Im speaking + believing)

    3. Having a healthy/loving relationship (marriage & kids)

    4. Having a great social life

    5. Being in great shape/health

    6. Being close to God


    • these are so great! thank you so much for sharing these with me, Destinee! (:

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    • doing everything I know I'm supposed to do in a decent amount of time, as well as telling people just how amazing they are. I would adore to start a non profit to benefit others. I think I would be happy when I make others happy, or give others the stress free time where they can identify things that make them happy.

    • Sounds amazing😊 May it be so!

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  • Once I thought it was losing my virginity... that wore off rapidly.

    Once I thought it was passing my driving test... it was not.

    Once I thought it was getting a house... it lasted only briefly.

    Once I thought it was travelling the world... the feelings faded after the event.

    Once I thought it was buying and wearing all of my gold jewelry... now they are merely objects.

    Once I thought it was growing my hair long... it just annoys me in the wind.

    Once I thought it was eating my favourite meal... too many meals and it became boring.

    These days I consider it having children and retiring... though life experience tells me that complete happiness does not exist, and, if it did, would soon become boring.

    I believe humans are meant to toil and struggle, to dream and to plot. I do not believe we were ever designed to think 'This is it, I am at the pinnacle of my existence. Nothing else can be improved.'

  • Feeling a true sense of fulfillment.

    How is that done? Not sure yet.

  • I think about this question a lot and assume even if I'd everything I want in life will that be enough and that this life is limited and how the next life is the one we should care for (yes I'm a muslim).. There's a lot I want to type but I need sometime.

  • Happiness for me is creativity and curiosity and be able to express and explore this. This means that I am constantly exploring what my curiosity is leading me towards and I'm expressing and evolving through creativity.

    If you do this exploration in the name of love and meet other people doing the same then the experience will probably be even better. A sharing and caring.

  • Having a special girl in my life just to cuddle with her and give her all my love in a true but genuinely way

  • Hmm I really think happiness is only a state of mind

  • No humans, just perfection.


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  • 100% self satisfaction
    sex without ANY complications
    total peace of mind 24/7
    being able to turn attention on and off

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