Is the Joker in the "Suicide Squad" trailer really the Joker?

I did some reading online and there is a very interesting theory Id like to share with you and see what you peeps think about it. Here it goes. The Joker in the Suicide Squad trailer isn't really the Joker. According to the theory its actually Robin, Jason Todd. And there is some pretty good evidence to back this theory. First lets observe this still from the Dawn of Justice trailer.

Is the Joker in the
Notice the 2 shoulder wounds? Well guess what.

The Joker has 2 scars on the exact same spots. And the cherry of the cake is that if you look carefully on his right arm you can see the tatto of a bird or a robin. Another evidence is the J on his cheek. Is it for Joker? Or is it for Jason?

Jason Todd in the Arkham Knight video game has the EXACT same scar. ANother evidence to support the theory is this following screenshot from the Dawn of Justice trailer.

Here we see Bruce Wayne aka Batman reading a note clearly written by the Joker (crazy handwriting). The only problem is that the Joker doesn't know who Batman is. He doesn't know that his secret identity is in fact Bruce Wayne. But Robin does. In every time line there is a corrupt Robin who turns into the Joker and I believe this will be the case in the upcoming Suicide Squad. Was your mind blown? Is it "Jokes on us" Or perhaps you have a different theory? I am curious to see your opinions!

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ALSO! Forgot to mention that the "Damaged" tattoo on the Joker's forehead might be referring to the fact that he used to be Robin but got, "damaged".


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  • Oh my god now I'll be thinking about this all day... genuine goosebumps

    • I KNOW RIGHT? :D but if that is true then who is the real Joker? Jack Nicholson? xD

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  • I think making Jason Todd the Joker would just be way too hard to pull off because it would crap all over the continuity, and DC would need several dozen excuses for several dozen contradictions.


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  • I am not sure how this will play out, you have given me much to think about.

    • Its really crazy to think about it. Even if you look the picture of Jared Leto you can see there's something wrong with his teeth. Perhaps the real Joker beat him up badly when he was corrupting him?

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