Does an arranged engagement give any freedom?

The guy I like, and who likes me, is a Hindu. We were getting in really well, confessed how much we liked each other, only for him to then tell me he was technically cheating in a girlfriend. He explained that basically it's a family agreement thing, where he'll eventually get married to this girl. I'm not stupid, nor am I willing to be 'the other woman', but I want to know, even with an arranged marriage, is dating other people allowed or forbidden? Hypothetically is there any chance we could be together for now on the condition that we couldn't be forever?


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  • I do not think so, unless both parties wanted it willingly.


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  • I wish @elissadido her parents arranged her for meh :((
    All i ever wanted was to be with her fpr the rest of ma life and the entirety of ma last breath 💋


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