I'm ready for a baby, but I'm not ready to destroy my body? Women with children, advice?

I really want a baby. My husband does too. He won't shut up about it! If it weren't for this paranoia I would throw away all my condoms now and start trying. But I'm very vain and I can't help it. Is it possible to have my body this way again after a child? Is it possible to only gain the necessary amount of body fat while pregnant? Will my stomach be stretched out? My vagina? What will happen? I love my body and I've worked so hard to get it looking this good.


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  • "But I'm not ready to destroy my body?"

    yeah you're not ready to be a mother...

    • Sarcasm aside, do you think it's a genuine sign I'm not ready? Do women reach a point they don't care what they look like?

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  • What the hell.
    you can't even tell I had a kid but even if I did gain weight I shouldn't have it would have been for a good reason. You sound selfish.

    • I'm not selfish. I've spent every week day in a gym for 4 years. I don't want to ruin it.

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    • You can't burn excess skin in the gym.

    • Then don't have a kid , you obviously don't want one that bad.

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  • I'm ready but I don't want to destroy my body? Go and adopt someone

    • I'd like to. Husband won't have it.

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