I'm really stressed again what should I do?

Ok I'm really stressed and when I get stressed I get horrible migraines and I feel like I'm going to throw up all day and I'm stressed because my parents marriage isn't doing good and my mom told my sister she used to now know how people could separate after 28 years but now she knows and my sister is also pregnant and so theirs that stress that I'm afraid she might lose the baby a year ago I was supposed to have a niece and she died before she was born so I'm just stressed and last month I was so stressed I had my period two weeks late and so how can I stop feeling like this?


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  • That is tough. Sorry that your going through so much drama and stress. Try to take deep breaths to calm down Also don't over think everything with this situation because you will get headaches. Clear your mind If you can exercise or play a sport or do something to keep you distracted from what is going on The more involved you be and worrying and panicking about the whole situation. Then the more sick it's going to make you. Try to make yourself happy first then you can make others happy.


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