Does she like me?

there's this new girl in class that I caught staring at me a couple of times in class. as soon as I would look at her shed look away. I kinda have a little crush on her because she's very pretty. I myself was told I'm attractive many times adn found out I have a few crushers so I don't think she was staring at me because I looked odd.

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  • She is probably physically attracted to you too then.


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  • You will need to find more evidence/signs that she likes you. Only one sign is not enough to determine whether she likes you or not.

    What happens when you talk with her? Tease her?

    The answer is inconclusive.

    • She laughs at every stupid non funny joke I make. but so do some other girls.

    • Here is a good one: ask her if she would like to eat lunch with you, hang out after school, etc. If she pulls the "busy" card, too many stupid excuses, then she does not like you. If she rejects, but try to reschedule another time, then you have a chance.

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  • She might like you, the way she looks at you, she is admired by your looks. Maybe talk to her? If she seems very nervus (or confident, who knows) she might like u


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