Girls, why do you like me?

This amazing Thick Hot ass girl, who has a boyfriend, seems like she likes me? Its LITERALLY a chance of 99.9% that she is more interested in me than her boyfriend. She stutters and sounds giggly when she talks to me. Her smile brightens so much that you can tell she likes me just by watching her look at me. I catch her staring at me in class, OFTEN. I run into her a lot. She is always initiating the conversation. She runs into me and and stutters like a retard, lol. She always seem to be next to me. She looks like a younger version of angelina jolie, but with a shape and a fun personality. Why me?

(Remember, she is too good to be true, and every guy in class wants to smash her (fuck her), but I dont think thats mature.)


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  • She either likes you, or she wants to fuck you lol