Am I a bad person for not liking this girl's posts on fb?

there;s this girl, and all she posts on fb is about racism, gender problems. Now I hate racism as well, but my issue is that she seems to have all the blame on white people. Now first of all, I'm not completely white, so that's not even why I'm bothered by it, but I feel like every race is racist. I've heard tons of racist comments towards white people, but when it's toward them, than it's okay apperantly. and the issue doesn;t even start from normal people. It started from people of power and I think in order to fix this, those in power such as governments and police need to have a different system somehow. my other issue with her is that she seems kinda bothered by females who are white, such as white feminists, and I don't think that's okay. I think if people want to fix these problems, then we need to learn to love all of us equally and puting blame on one group isn't going to fix this problem. Like I get that white people have more privilages, but rather than blame, there needs to be a different tactic because what does blame really do? Sure, a lot white people are now afraid of being seen as privilaged, but is that really going to get us anywhere? I just think that people are just pointing fingers and thinking theyre doing something major but by doing that, theyre missing on actually making a difference. Does that make me bad, that I'm annoyed by this girl's posts?


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  • No but what does make you bad is thinking whites have more privaleges when minorities enjoy reverse discrimination with that fucking Affirmative Action bullshit. You want true equality like blacks say they do? Then get it removed


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