Why was this stupid girl surprised that I know how to fight?

I stopped my guy friend's jealous ex girlfriend (apparently she likes creating drama and is known to have been in several catfights) from trying to slap me by moving towards one side and grabbing her arm firmly. I told her not to try me or else she'll learn quickly I don't do the hair pulling nor rolling on the ground BS.

She backed down as soon as she saw me clench a fist. She seemed kind of shocked also.


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  • Good girl you did so well now she won't try you anymore

    • That's true. She seemed kind of apologetic today and end up saying how she thought I was someone else she was looking for. lol

    • don't really believe it because she knew my name clearly

    • Some people are so lame and lie there ass off I met one of those yesterday she tried to rip us off and had a lame duck story saying she felt bad and tried to find us which was such a load of Bull big time

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  • She picked on you probably because she thinks you are weak and needs to beat up on someone she thinks is weak to boost her ego.

    • Yet she came all kind of apologetic today, saying she thought I was someone else she was looking for. LOL

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    • I would have said no too. I don't really believe her because she knew my name clearly and it's obvious that she only said that because she learned quickly who she was dealing with.

    • thats very true. i think she did the same to me because she found out that i was not going to take it

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  • It's because she's thoughtless, she didn't figure you'd know how to fight.

    And agreeing with @Ulyss, a quote from Spike, "I love a girl who can kick my..." XD

    • Ikr I wish to meet someone that can put me in place with a punch to the gut whenever my ego gets high xD or able to headlock me lol

    • yeah she was stupid. Today, she ended up saying that she thought I was someone else, that she had the wrong person. LOL

  • ❤️💕 chicks who punch in fights instead of pulling hair

    • Thanks. It's really not hard, that's really how a real fight is. That's the first thing I learned at a very early age.

  • Just twists her arm she never mess


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