What actors or actresses do you hate the most?

Mine is jim carrey he just trys too hard to be funney. I couldnt even get through 30 mins of his newest movie "Dumb and Dumber to." all his jokes and animated facial feats he does to make himself seem funny makes me cringe, its just to awful, in fact sad.


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  • I was just Talking to my cousin Yesterday of certain actors, for I am hearing CHUCK NORRIS is perhaps entering into the Political world now?
    I do not care for Him, nor this actor Gary Bussy and a guy actor who reminds me of Him, Nick Nolte... Never been a fan of this man neither.
    As far as actresses go, I don't care much for Angeline Jolie nor Emily Watson movies.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for the upvote. xx

    • I wanna make you my GaG girlfriend

    • Thank you, sweetie, for the Vote of Confidence and thank you as well for the most amazing compliment.:)) xxoo

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  • actor: Taylor Lautner. Probably the most stale actor I've ever seen.
    actress: Tara Reid. So fucking bad.

    • tara reid still acting? i assume her movies she takes part in are train wrecks

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    • For a real stale actor look no further than Hayden Christensen

    • @pervertedjester
      I mean hayden christensen was a terrible casting choice as anikin, but i thought he was pretty decent in life as a house. he's not the best by any means, but there's no way he's worse than taylor lautner lol

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  • Its a toss up for me between kathrine hiegel and jennifer anniston.. however i did like her in we're the millers so kathrine hiegel tops my most hated actress.. and i can't stand nicholas cage

    • yes i forgot about him, fuck Nicholas Cage

    • Oh and anyone involves in the sharknado or parris hilton house of wax movie

  • Kristine Stewart and Robert Pattinson.
    I can't stand them.

    • I'm just gonna go off a whim and assume you hate twilight

    • Well - the movies I hated since the acting was horrible. But I actually liked the books.

  • Owen Wilson, just... God damn... Eh >~<

    • yea he's annoying too

    • I can't watch a movie with him, I just can't. Haha... :P

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  • Julia Roberts mainly for two movies, Pretty Woman and Ocean's 11. Pretty Woman was anything but realistic without getting on a rant. Ocean's 11 because there was no reason for her character to be in that film.

  • Danny Pudi or Aziz Anzar, I find them both insufferable. Not being races against Indians or India, just both those guys are terrible and annoying to watch.

    • never heard of them but ill take note not to watch a movie if i see their names on the case

    • lol actually i know of aziz, he sucks

  • will smith if he's still alive.

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