Can you name an annoying behavioural factor about each star sign?

I'm not into astrology much but I find it quite amusing to see what people say. For example:

Aries: talk about themselvse too much, dominate conversations, dont know how to listen

Taurus: Boring and stubborn

Gemini: Two faced, backstabs

Cancer: Can ruin a good fun mood just by showing up, burdens other people with their problems

Leo: Bossy

Virgo: A bit obsessive with things i consider boring/unimportant (i dont understands their interests)

Libra: Shallow, whining, i can see straight through them, they dont have strong opinions therefore i see them as weak

Scorpio: Too secretive, never the first to initiate conversation, a bit creepy

Sagittarius: Rude, outspoken, slutty, no tact whatsoever, shallow

Capricorn: judgmental depending on social status

Aquarius: Stubborn, flighty, they dissapear a lot then come back, dont seem to see what is wrong in some of their actions

Pisces: Feel like im treading on eggshells when dealing with them, take things way too personally

(nobody take offense, it's all opinion I've gotten from friends.. I'm a Libra, so that part was a big ouch ouch! LOL)


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  • I can never find the big dipper.


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  • I don't really have a bad thing to say about some signs.

    Taurus are earthy and are good at living well.

    Air signs are difficult to deal with. Self contradictory and way too jealous and anger easily.

    I do agree with the Cancer people. They spoil the party mood and a total bully. Famous bullies are George Bush and Khloe Kardashian. :P


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  • I'm an Aries and I like to talk about myself but I'm quite shy so even though I have an ego (weird I know) I keep to myself most of the time and no way do I dominate conversations and I'm a good listener (although I'm also good at pretending to listen).

  • I am a Taurus and I am not boring and stubborn!
    oh wait
    I am a Taurus and I am not boring!

  • astrology tells a story that's it doesn't have anything too do with behavior


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  • I'm a Scorpio, and the first two points are pretty accurate for me. I don't like sharing much and myself and rarely initiate conversation. I don't think I'm creepy, though. o_o

  • I'm an Aries and I don't talk about myself too much... I'm a good listener... don't dominate conversation... all is wrong... 😒😒😒😒

    • my boyfriend is an Aries and he's very dominant, and also has a selfish personality that shows through once in a while. I'm libra so im more of a "looking for common ground, make peace" sort of personality. So we balance each other out. He's very head strong and can be extremely opinionated whereas im a little softer. He teaches me more assertiveness and to be more decisive whereas I teach him to be more analytical, organised and less temperamental. But that's just our relationship, but I know couples who are airies and Libra who apparently share the same above statements as I do.

      but can't take all this stuff too seriously. haha. it's all just stuff.

    • Ok... I was just saying I was... all are different...

    • Not attacking you, simply stating that there are some who are just as written. lol

  • Good/Bad
    Aries: Fun/gets bored quick and immature.
    Taurus: Cool people, I love them/They seem to be narrow minded coz they are so down to earth and see only what they believe in.
    Gemini: Fun and give you memorable moments/They gossip a lot, doesn't mind drama and gets bored too easily even of people
    Cancer:: Compassionate and kind/when they are bitter, they are dangerous. Will lie or fool you with so much confidence that you'll believe
    Leo: Cool, fun and caring people/can be so selfish
    Virgo: Helpful and smart/ Perfectionist. Will notice everyone's flaw
    Libra: Charming bunch and fun/Liars as in saying stuff they don't mean coz they are people pleasers. They say that just to make you happy
    Scorpio: Smart and cool. Fun to be around them. Love them/They will go low to sting you with your past mistakes or secret you told them that hurts you when you fight.
    Saggitarius: Fun and funny/Can be shady and able to lie too easily
    Capricorn: Funny and interesting people/They lie easily too. And even though they don't seem like the type, they gossip behind your back
    Aquarius: Witty and fun/they misuse their brains to manipulate and guilt trap
    Pisces: Empathetic and witty, will be able to join you on everything/play victim card cause they see things from every corner and will find their rights in their wrongs and if you cross them, they can be revengeful i. e will strike you twice as hard.

  • Aries - Arrogant.
    Gemini - Two faced.
    Cancer - Whiny/Cry baby/ overly sensitive/defensive/ too emotional
    Leo - attention seeking
    Virgo - Pessimistic/ overanalyctical
    Libra - Passive/Shady
    Scorpio - Pushy/Invasive/judgmental
    Sagittarius - Blunt/insensitive
    Capricorn - Bossy/demanding
    Pisces - Emotional Wreck.

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