Metal music test! Which songs are these lyrics from?

Here are some lyrics from 10 different metal songs, how many of them do you know? No cheating! Some are classics that all metal fans should know, some are less known

1. "As the red day is dawning and the lightning cracks the sky
They'll raise their hands to the heavens above with resentment to their eyes"

2. "It's not the fear of what's beyond
It's just that I might not respond
I have an interest almost craving
But would I like to get too far in?"

3. "Born of tornado, we bring you the night
Pray for we all detonate
Heroes in heaven and servants in life
Kill us before it's too late"

4. "Black as night, faster than a shadow
Crimson flare from a raging sun
An exhibition, of sheer precision
Yet no one knows from where he comes"

5. " Only frozen soil
And eternal wind
Remember the sacrifice
Of those who are now buried in time"

6. "We've been training for years
Now we're ready to strike
As the great operation begins"

7. "We cannot see through clothes may maketh man they cannot give us shelter
On this mortal helter-skelter if our loyalties are torn,
Between the values we believe in and the egos we are feeding
We stand all together naked as the day we were born."

8. "These days drift on inside a fog
It's thick and suffocating
This seeking life, outside it's hell
Inside intoxicating"

9. "Night's in my veins, it's calling me,
Racing along these arteries
And law, is just a myth
To herd us over the cliff."

10. "Childhood terrors return to me now,
From the rand stench of fear in the sweat on my brow.
Deciet and despair are to me kith and kin,
Seduced into slumber, my nightmare begins."


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  • Awesome! :P

    1 is Through the Fire and Flames by Dragonforce, one of my favourite songs <3

    2 is Infinite Dreams by Iron Maiden

    3 is Sanctified with Dynamite by Powerwolf

    I have no idea what 4 is

    5 is Unsung Heroes by Ensiferum

    6 is Primo Victoria by Sabaton

    I'm not sure about number 7

    8 is The Unforgiven Ill by Metallica (awesome song!)

    9 is Dead End Friends by Them Crooked Vultures

    10 is Advent of Insanity by Sabbat

    • Wow, very impressive! number 10 is actually Do dark horses dream of Nightmares :P But I'm suprised you know them at all :D 4 is Hell bent for leather by Judas preist, suprised you don't know that one xD And 7 is Skyclad by Skyclad, one of my favourite songs :D (same singer as Sabbat if you don't know them)

    • Damn, number 10 was so close :P I haven't really listened to Judas Priest before (I know that I really should, they're one of the more famous bands), but I hadn't realised that Walkyier was in another band! I'll have to check them out.

    • I haven't really except that song, actually I heard it first time on Guitar Hero Metallica. Yeah I actually know Sabbat by searching him after loving Skyclad so much, it's my favourite band

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