Girls, I normally go boxer-less under sweat pants - is this weird?

I just figure they're for comfort - I don't wear them out, and it's not cumfortable if I've got something on under them. I'm otherwise over-hygenic so there's no issue there - I wash obsessively. I was wearing them while a female friend was round and she said my junk was clearly visible. Is this common/much of a problem for you?
P. S I literally never get erections.


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  • Not really, no. I don't wear underwear in pajamas or things like that when I'm in the house, and I'd use sweat pants as pajamas. It's no big deal.

    • The difference being apparently you can see a guy's bits through them... xD

    • Meh, it's only in your house, it's not like you're going out with your dick visible in public :P

    • I guess :P I have a lot of female friends though

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