How will you cross the river?

How will you cross the river?


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  • The spider is my spiritual animal, so like the spider im full of creativity.

    You know when a random spider falls on you, and you have no idea where it came from? well they can actually "fly" using their webs as a kite to catch the wind and get airborne.

    So, i climb a tree and attach some silk to a leaf. I then create a kite and get airborne to cross the river, carrying the piece of silk I attached to the tree with me. When im on the other side I attach the piece of slik to another tree forming a bridge. I can then build on this bridge for future generations to enjoy!

    (yes, im very bored and actively avoiding working on an essay lol)

    • Aww I love your answer <3 best answer so far :)

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    • Thanks. I knew other people would choose the "Im a bird/bat" or the "im a crocodile" options.

      Reading my answer back, its surprisingly philosophical considering I've had half a bottle of wine :p

    • thank you for MHO :)

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  • Wait til the crocodiles go and then just go through the river?

  • Wait until the crocodiles have left for the conference.

    Or be a crocodile, if that's an option