What are your Pro Tips for life?

Like, mine would be:
Don't get a Windows phone.
Always half cook your ramen because it'll get soggier as you eat it.
Don't put salt in your eggs while they're cooking, it makes them watery - put it at the end.
Freeze leftover coffee in ice cube trays and then store them for iced coffee later.


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  • 1) Take it easy. Really. This sounds easy but it's an art in itself. I have known my best friend for 20 years now and I've only seen him angry 1 or 2 times in all these years. He's the master of taking things easy and not caring too much if people yell at him or something annoying happens.
    2) Don't pour water over your spaghetti when they're done cooking. Any real Italian would get a heart attack seeing this (still, a lot of non-Italians do it). It ruins the taste and changes the way they feel in your mouth. If you're really bothered about them being too sticky and you don't have any sauce, just drizzle some extra virgin olive oil on them.
    3) If you're a garlic lover like myself, you know the pains of peeling individual cloves of garlic. There's a very easy way around this! Take as many garlic cloves as you want and put them into a closed-up container with hard walls (metal, stone... something like that). I usually take a medium sized pot for cooking, put the garlic cloves inside and close the lid. Then, you hold the lid so it doesn't fall off and you shake the pot really hard for 30 seconds (it also works as a little workout ;-)). When you open the lid again, you will find all the garlic cloves cleanly peeled. This is especially practical if you want to peel a lot of them.
    4) Don't drink coffee or energy drinks and don't eat sugar when you're tired and you need to concentrate (for example before an exam). It's one of the worst things you can do, in fact. All these things give you a boost of energy but the effect changes after half an hour or so and the curve goes down again. In the end, you will be even more sleepy than before you had your coffee, energy drink or sugar. If you want to be able to focus well, chew some gum. If you don't like gum, take a tictac or something like that (anything that makes you move your chaw and gives your tongue a constant influx of taste).
    5) Don't eat within the 3-4 last hours of going to bed (so if you go to bed at midnight, don't eat after 8.30pm. This alone helps fighting overweight and it's also nicer because eating shortly before going to sleep can give you terrible nightmares.
    6) Cuddle your boyfriend/girlfriend every single day and tell him/her that you love him/her. This is good for no less than three reasons. Number one: it could always be too late and you don't want that. Imagine something happens to your boyfriend/girlfriend and you never really told them that you love them. What a terrible thought. Number

    • two: psychology has proven time and again that these little exchanges of sweetness are absolutely vital for a successful, long-term relationship. By openly showing your love to your significant other every single day, you show him/her how important he/she is to you and how much you cherish them. This will create a huge amount of trust and eventually, you will get back every drop of love you've given... probably even more than that. It's basically the opposite of a vicious cycle. The more you fight, the more unhappy you are, thus you fight even more. The more love you give each other, the happier you are, the more care and trust and sweetness there is, creating an even bigger exchange of love. Number three: it's also a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you tell each other that you love each other every day and you also show it by being sweet, the love will grow like a plant, almost on its own.

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    • every single day and give her a hug (and, if the occasion was right, maybe say thank you for something small such as cooking supper). I first thought "that's a stupid advise" but since I loved my exchange sister, I still tried it. In the beginning, my host mom just sort of let it happen but didn't return anything. However, after 2-3 months, I had her warmed up like butter in the sun. It really worked! It turned out that she wasn't a cold-hearted person at all, she was just incredibly reserved and didn't know how to show me that she likes me. One day towards the end of my stay, she finally came up to me out of the blue and gave me a hug just like that. Just like I had done it for months. For me, that was prove enough that it had worked. I was really happy. And I'm sure if we had had more time, we could have even improved that relationship.

    • Aw, this was the most heartwarming story of "kill them with kindness" I've ever heard. Thumbs up.

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  • Use a toothbrush on your lips to make them soft.

    Pinch your cheeks a few times instead of putting on blush.

    Spend time outside. It's good for the body and soul.

    Girls, wear matching bras and panties, even if no one will see it. Makes you feel girly and gives you a tiny confidence boost. :)

    Don't take a fever reducer like Tylenol or Advil if you're sick. Your body is trying to fry all the germs in your body by raising its temperature, so let it do its job! You'll get better faster if you leave it. Exceptions are if you have a high fever (like 103) or if your fever lasts more than a day. Then it's important to give your body a break.

    Go to bed before midnight.

    Don't have sex with someone without asking yourself if they'd make a good mother/father. (But that's just me)

    Don't underestimate the importance of a good-smelling house or car.

    • That fever reducer one is legit. I guess people take it for the body aches and headaches and stuff, because they can't spend too much of their time sleeping and stuff.

    • Yeah very true. I broke that very rule last week when I got sick, haha. I was just so uncomfortable that I wasn't gonna get any rest if I didn't take an Advil.

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  • Always say please and thank you.
    Don't hold grudges, it doesn't help you or anyone else so just forgive and forget.
    Smile at everyone.
    Be grateful for what you have because there is someone else is less fortunate than you.
    Live your life with passion and enthusiasm.

  • 1) People suck, Never accept anyone or anything into your life, You are your best friend.

    2) If you can hold a glass of wine up to a TV screen, And you can see the screen through the wine, Its shit wine.

    3) Jager is better with Monster, NOT Redbull.

    4) 15 Cups of Tea per day keeps the doctor away (No but seriously that shit is the only thing getting me through the day).

    5) Never say yes to doing things you don't have to. It will only be more effort and stuff.

    6) Eat healthy and do a lot of exersize and stuff, If you become fat, You are the single worst aspect of the human race according to society and people will treat you like shit.

    7) Try and look good all the time, Your looks are what will get you through life my friend

    8) Never put tacos in the microwave, They go soggy :(

    • #2 <- LOL but I'm keeping this in mind.
      I like traditional Jager bombs but I think I'll try this.
      And the taco thing might be true, but you're eating leftover tacos, I think gourmet chef time is over. At that point I just wanna eat the taco lol

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    • When eating leftover tacos I usually put the meat in the taco and then microwave. It isn't in there long, so it doesn't get soggy. And then I put the cheese and stuff on after I take it out :)

    • @Snowangle Noooo! D:

      What i do is

      A) Nuke Chilli in the Microwave for like 3 minutes
      B) Mix chilli with cheese then reheat for another minute
      C) At this point you have a fantastic mix of stringy cheesy chilli
      D) Apply into your non soggy, crispy taco and enjoy ;)

  • What's wrong with a windows phone?

    Um... I've made so many mistakes so this will be difficult!
    Smile in public, cry in private.
    Stay quiet, be respectful.
    Learn as much as possible as fast as possible.
    Class over swag.
    Always read the label.
    If it smells throw it out.

    I could go on but...

    • Just not the same as an android. It's not bad, just takes a while getting used to it. I was still in my initial period of frustration when I posted that I think, lol. The Xbox music player is a pain in my ass though. Never hated Microsoft as much as I did right then.

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    • Well it's the one I'm using now... and it was a lot cheaper than an iPhone or the Edge. Lol. Plus, I do like hearing Cortana call my home "blood gulch outpost alpha". <- xDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    • Aw yeah, if you have the US version you get halo cortana.
      The UK version gets some random chick...

      Aw man.

  • Breathe in, breath out, repeat.

  • If someone hates u for no reason give this motherfucker a reason
    If u r good at something never do it for free

  • Pretty terrible tips there

    Anyway, just to live life to the fullest, don't get bogged down at young ages just cause you think you're not worth anything other than marriage at a lung age, that sort of thing

    • Whut. o/)(\o No wayyyy!
      Those are totally legit. Unless you like soggy ramen, watery eggs, and watered down coffee.
      And Android >> Apple >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Windows phone.

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    • @snowangle This is where you apply @BlueCoyote 's #1 Lollll

    • Haha I'm a master at his #1!

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  • 1. Don't ever buy an Ipad. It's a waste of money
    2. Windows phone work better than apples cos there is a back button to go back where we came from.
    3. Marshmellows taste nice in Mocha.
    4. Doing a headstand really clears my airhead.

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