What's your unpopular opinion?

I hate poetry and find most Kemalists phony ever since that day I attended an event with them.

Okay, let's make this clear: No discriminating. Don't bring feminism/meninism into this. No men/women should/shouldn't do this or that.

Keep gender out of this. You'll be banned without a reply, because I don't want an argument on either side. Thanks for your cooperation.
Serious answers please. You're almost all adults, you know better than "neutering ugly people".


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  • To start things off: If you can't handle opposing opinions, you shouldn't make such a thread just to get offended and block people.

    Other than that:

    - Equality doesn't work, is impractical and bullocks. It's a naive way of thinking with a lack of consideration for the reality of things.
    - Socialism has and had the same problem. It's impractical.
    - Men and women are biologically different, no amount of rhetoric will change that.
    - Transgenderism is a mental identity disorder and "treating" it with sex-change just makes it worse.
    - People nowadays are sissies all over the place who are hypersensitive and offended at every little frog-fart.
    - Humour is allowed about everything, no matter if it offends certain people.
    - The world keeps spinning with or without an individual, so people should stop making themselves more important than they are.
    - Israels politics are one of the worst in the current time. Incredibly scummy government and all those scum people who support it
    - Being a crappy person is independent of your gender, age, religion, political orientation, sexuality, etc
    - All those made-up sexualities are bullocks. You are straight, gay or bi.
    - Democracy is a farce as your vote has barely to no influence in the policy making of your country.
    - WW2 wasn't as one-sided as schook-books make it look like. The other nations have done tons of cruel crimes as well which are just sweeped under the rug.
    - The modern US black community is toxic and self-destructive and no "hurr durr because racism" justifies it.
    - It's hard to decide who is worse between Trump and Clinton. It's like deciding between cancer and aids.
    - Newspapers and TV News are mostly full of shit, barely do any proper journalism anymore and lie and misinform more than they inform you.

    There are surely more, but thats a start.

    • Can't handle? I'm sorry, but there's no opinion there: anti-feminism is popular those days and I don't have time for pointless debates of feminism vs. meninism , they're harmful for my health. I don't feel anger. I'm not really a person who can solve things by simply talking online, wrong assumptions like this ("you can't handle opinions") make me uneasy and this is what I'm trying to avoid. If you try to drag me into an argument, I will block you for my own sake.

      Thanks for understanding.

    • I just read your full opinion. Those are not unpopular opinions, those are discriminating opinions which I clearly asked you to avoid. Ignore my last comment, opinion owner, from now on, I don't see you as an equal person and wish you bad things in life and beyond.

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  • ... I'm still stuck on the ''i hate poetry'' part.. it's kinda depressing..
    anyway my unpopular opinions: i think that people who don't read are idiots, sex before marriage is pointless (i know, some people want to wait.. i don't kinda get it.. never met someone who'd want to soo..), can't stand ariana grande, can't stand people who try to defend their ''beliefs'' with violence and insults, if you don't support gay rights you're not my friend, if a human enjoys and practices animal cruelty he should be put on an electric chair, i support divorce, i don't think that college is the best thing for 90% of people, i don't actually like drake...


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  • Bruce Jenner is still a guy.

    • I know I need to respect opinions, but I simply can't. Blocking you on this question for discrimination. You can have this incredibly wrong opinion if you want to, but if I run into you later I'll know I blocked you and won't accidentally interact with a transphobe.

  • Morals are not so much a question of subjective opinion. Rather they hinge on the well being of thinking feeling creatures, most notably humans. All morality seeks to enhance the well being of humans alone or animals, which humans would still fit that category.

  • i think being humble is a dying trait that should be learned by people again. apparently it´s all about boasting with confidence nowadays.

  • Lmao really? You banning people and putting stipulations on a question about unpopular opinions? That's weak as fuck :P <- that's my unpopular opinion but it's probably just unpopular with you

    • I'ts not my business if you think it's weak. I ban them not because they're against me, but because they're against basic human rights and some are seeking to start an argument already, bringing hot topics like feminism into this. Hope you can understand that? It's not my choice, I don't want to come across those people on GaG again or let them make further comments on my question.

    • Hmm I see what ya saying and can respect that, still kinda disagree though but it's your opinion. You new here cause you'll be doing a lot more banning it that's the case.

    • I've been here since a year. It's not tiring to block people, it's that those people exist in the first place

  • hot women need to be sectioned since they don't get life...

    gay people have no right to have prejudices..

    most psychiatry is made-up/fabricated...

    Arabs deserve to have fucked up governments/countries since they're inherently animalistic people..

    Morality doesn't exist..

    People who are religious, if they commit a crime, should get more legal punishments.

    If a person is in his or her 20s without a job, they deserve to be executed...

    Confidence should be instilled in kids... if they cannot accept the world is not always for them, they need isolation.

    Respect is never given away, and those who don't get it need placement in a home..

    People who have sex before marriage should have more rights than others in society.

    • Serious answers please. Trolling is only funny to you.

    • they are serious... haha.. i answer as i please, fuck off haha..

    • Banned ☺️

  • alcohol sucks- it does nothing for me. i just get sleepy and slightly dizzy. nothing else

    pennies are worthless- for some reason, people actually like pennies. i have a dime and it costs 6 cents... the cashier is just like, FUCK YOU!!!

  • I've had a few. I'm not sure what the most unpopular one is. I'd have to scroll down my list, as I've given my opinion on a lot of questions.

  • Oppinions don't exist, there are only three aspects of information, truth, lies and speculation.

  • I believe Game of Thrones to be overrated.

    • It looks Same with Old novel " romance of there kingdoms" though
      i am gonna assume it is copycat

  • Doctors should stop trying to pointlessly prolong everyone's life when all they are doing is waiting to die.

  • I am perfect.

  • I find phony most of people who find Kemalists phony.

  • "Let me ask for people's unpopular opinions and then block them because I don't agree with them!"

    • Not because I don't agree with them. I may not agree with you, but if you're respectful I won't block you or do anything. Mock me all you want, but I won't accept discrimination against women or LGBT or anyone. Those people think they're funny, but I know what we go through and it's not funny.

  • How can I have unpopular opinions if I'm popular? Dun dun duunnnnnn.

  • Bill C-51 needs to happen

  • Women shouldn't be allowed to parent boys.


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  • I dont see the big deal about nutella.

    Taylor Swift songs are mediocre at best... Nope. Im lying. I hate them. I dont know why they all go # 1.

    Just Go With It (Drew Barrymore/Adam Sandler movie) got terrible reviews. I loved it? lol

    Whitney Houston was not a bad actress. I use to love The Preacher's Wife as a kid. I saw it as an adult & think her acting was fine.

    Why the hell did Sean Penn win an Oscar for Milk again? *blank stare* Seen him in movies where he was more deserving for an Oscar.

    Im starting to really hate H&M.

    • Correction: Drew Barrymore/Adam Sandler movie is called "Blended"

  • I think that being a stay at home parent is a waste of someone's potential.

    • @update: You asked a question for unpopular opinions... and yet are attacking those who voice their unpopular opinion? They're unpopular opinions for a reason...

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    • Told you it was an unpopular opinion.

    • I'm not attacking people. Since you thought it that way, I don't think you need further explanation. Have a good day.

  • Anime is terrible.

  • • Anime sucks ass, it's boring and stupid and made for kids. 😛

    • Animals > humans.

    • Twilight saga was actually pretty good.

  • I like animals better than people.

  • (smiling)
    ... whereas I write for an online woman's mag + worship Sylvia Plath + write dark poetry + dream of a seven figure book deal with Random House.

    The creative world CAN be VERY pretentious + a total wank fest though :P

  • Ranch is the most disgusting food item in existence.

  • I don't like Nutella
    I would love to get plastic surgery when I get older
    I think most fat people use excuses not to lose weight
    I don't find Channing Tatum sexy
    I find most British accents annoying
    I don't have sex on the third date

  • Bacon is disgusting.

  • I like dogs more then people

  • Ugly people should be neutered as to avoid breeding.

    • "Ugly" is pretty subjective. Who would decide what is attractive? Would you have that job? Society?
      If you, why should you have that power? If society, then what is "ugly" would change with each generation. Seems kind of pointless.
      Perhaps a 3rd option I haven't considered? I'm genuinely asking. I find this curious.

  • I think feminists need to get over themselves

    • That's not an unpopular opinion. I hate to do this but I prefer not bringing the feminist debate into this. Got another one?