I think i'm going to fail again?

i failed one year for missing like 90 days
My teachers always brag on how im one of the brightest students they have and if i had perfecgt attendance they would have actually let me skip a grade.

I miss school mainly because my brain isn't... a laptop i have to sleep at least 12 hours for me to be fully functional, and i go to bed at about 1 am.. me being a teen you should understand this
and i wake up at 6 am every morning

i have missed 1 or 16 days so far and my teacher told me if i don't start coming then she will fail me...
even though i don't go when i do show up i get all the work finished even though i wasn't there to learn it... what should i do? 4 hours of sleep is killing me and i'd have no life going to bed at 8

i get home at 3 and going to bed at 8 wouldn't give me much time to stretch..


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  • Aww yeah I feel your pain, those 6ams are brutal :( . There's even research to show it's better for teens' mental health and general wellbeing to go into school later, at like 11am..

    I understand. I really do. I spent a LOT of my school career feeling like complete death from lack of sleep, I had apparently the worst record for punctuality across 20 schools, and I used to hibernate on Saturdays.

    That said, although I totally sympathise, all I can really advise is you try and go to bed earlier. It sucks, but it won't be for long as long as you can pass, and your future self will be so grateful to you for sticking it out. Do you know what you want to do when you've finished school?

    • Not sure there's nothing i'm really good at besides English and history
      i'm good at algebra but dont care too much for it

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    • Oh no it's okay, I just meant, y'know, that's what we say in the UK; fun fact, aren't cultures interesting, you know? lol

      Aww but you should eat something for your lunch :( . Why don't you want to eat?

    • I don't eat school lunch unless it's healthy, the food there and my stomach don't get along...
      i don't have the strongest digestive system...

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  • Don't throw your future away like this. Put in the work for a few years to get what you want from life. You will suffer mentally and physically with that lifestyle

  • sleeping 12 hours a day is not healthy dude.. you should sleep somewhere around 6-8 hours. so what if you're not fully functional, although i don't believe that you can only be if you sleep for 12 hours.
    attendance is the key. don't miss class just because you find it hard to get up jesus. you already failed 1 year do you want to lose another one? most of the students survive just fine with 4 hours a sleep and guess what. they're not going to lose a year. so suck it up and get over with it. high school isn't hard dude, life is.
    i know i'm kinda harsh, but you obviously need it.

  • It sounds like you already don't have a life. Going to sleep at a reasonable time to fulfill your body's needs isn't going to mean you don't have a life because you'll feel a lot better and it'll pay off. The attitude you have right now is going to get you nowhere but in school more years than planned and not for the right reasons. You'll just keep failing unless you make better decisions and change your outlook on the situation.

  • Are you diagnosed with depression or anxiety by chance?

    • depression since i was 12

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  • Umm... go to bed earlier... Its really not that hard of a choice. Yeah, ok so your social life hurts a bit, but what will your life be like if your failing classes all the time?

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