Google Chrome Issue?

So my laptop suddenly started going full retard and kept zooming in on windows when I would scroll. Thankfully I solved that issue, but now I can't type in the address bar or anything else with some side bar opening or if I just press the H key my history shows up. Can someone please help me with this issue before I hurl my laptop outside, I really need to get homework done. By the way I use Google Chrome.


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  • The mouse is probably trippin, unplug and plug back in, and restart ur computer! :-D


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  • Maybe your mouse is disconnected? I don't know what you did to fix the zooming problem. Try to reconnect your mouse to your pc ( if it's a wireless one ). Or change batteries ;) . If google chrome doesn't work, then just install a different internet browser so you can at least use internet in the mean time.

    • I simply restarted my laptop and it's working now. Thanks for trying to help 😊. MHO for being the first to respond.

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