What questions would you ask people who come to see your apartment and could potentially be future roommates?

I'll be getting a new roommate soon. I'm already making it clear that I don't like wasting resources so that I can keep bills low, don't party or drink a lot, and like keeping common loving areas presentable. What other personal or lifestyle questions do you think are important to ask a possible future roommate?


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  • The two biggest beefs roommates tend to have, through my experience, is:

    1) cleaning

    2) guests, overnights guests in particular

    3) noise (some people like lots of activity at their home, others like their home to be a fortress with little activity and noise)

    4) food (does everyone buy their own food, do you buy together and split, or a combo of both)?

    • 4) smoking and recreational substance use


      Believe it or not, from my experience money for rent and bills in general isn't an issue. If people have the money, they usually pay their portion of rent and bills.

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  • You are not looking for a roommate you need an army solider, you are over it a lot, I give that person 1week and he/she leave.. What they like and dislike..


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  • If they are comfortable with a 'clothing-optional' environment. Just kidding, but I'm assuming by common loving areas, you meant 'living', and I would be ensuring that maintaining cleanliness is key

    • Oh wow! My phone always changes that word. Thanks for pointing it out.

    • Not a problem, unless having a common loving area was what you had in mind... in which, case the future roommate may want to be aware of that beforehand..."and this is our orgy room..."

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