Am I fortunate?

I have an interview (sort of) with a major Fortune 500 company for a marketing position.

I feel as though I haven't achieved anything in my life. But I wonder if now maybe I’ll get something out of it.


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  • If your are getting a serious interview for a serious position, it's probably less about luck and more about you getting results from your hard work.

    As for feelings of achievement, I'll say this: in GENERAL, guys tend to focus more on work, while women have more balanced goals. So for most women, even being successful job-wise will not be as fulfilling unless you have a satisfying family life as well.

    But if we're just talking about the job, things sound good. Sounds like you've already done well and I hope it continues.


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  • You are lucky. Don't screw it up. Loads of people out there are desperate for a chance to work at all, let alone somewhere that couls really boost their career. Take the plunge and embrace this opportunity that you have been given. Once you gain experience and get settled, more opportunities will come your way. Good luck! Believe in yourself and it's never too late to achieve anything.


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