Why did he do it?

I ran into this guy who was like all, aloof and sort of uncaring towards me. I smiled politely, asked how he was doing, and he was like all good…then I sort of mentioned I had work to do so he said yeah we’ll talk later etc. etc.

Is it arrogance? He’s now got a good gig (career-wise) so I guess that’s rubbed off on him.

Or this is revenge of some sort. I could’ve sworn he used to have a crush on me. Maybe now he’s trying to show he’s above me.


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  • His aware he has higher value than before maybe, just has more spark about himself and more options.. That's a guess, confidence does wonders

    • So why take it out on me? And really, what happened to hsi crush on me

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    • Nothing magical happened...
      It was just time doing it's work, and his life evolving

    • Your so going to call him :P hahaha

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