I feel really lost in life?

Ik this is a really dumb place to say this

but god i feel so lost I don't know where else to go. Im paying off school and I don't know what i even want a degree in. I have lupus. And it is impacting my life so much I don't know what career i would enjoy that i can sustain myself on with this disease

ik its all horse sh! t. Excuses to other people. Who dont have it.

i have a boyfriend for almost 4 years. He tries his hardest to care for me and love me. But we are each others first everything i just dont think he's experienced enough to be the man i really need.

guys im 23 no family no friends

but i feel like no one believes in me im trying my hardest. I have my own place i work hard

today was just so bad my coworkers dont wven work i bust my ass for nothing and get pareonized for it

"Jessica making us look bad har har"

Thank you anyone who reads this

I hope some adults w children can help guide me

* patronized sorry


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  • You are doing the right thing investing in yourself and hard work does pay off. Regarding the coworkers, you know what's best for the company and management usually notices these contributors. Stay above all the pettiness and you will be very successful.


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