Guys, What do guys really find attractive? I guess I'm just wondering what are all the things that could be considered sexy or attractive?


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  • It all depends on the guy. There is no “perfect woman” even the “perfect for me woman” is damn near impossible to fine. With that out of the way number one is intelligence. Give me the most beautiful girl in the world, but if she can’t carry a good conversation she is pretty useless to me. After that probably an athletic life style. I spend a lot of time backpacking/ hiking, a girl that can keep up is a huge turn on. I am also a total sucker for brown eyes.

    • That is so good to hear!! So many people only worry about my looks and don't get to know me! They don't know that I'm smart and love to read and things! Yes I do have brown eyes so lucky me! And I love hiking, skiing, running, lifting weights, going on long walks stuff like that!(:

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    • Lol well allrighty then

    • too weird?

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