Im a 24 year old woman being stalked by my former 60 year old female coworker. Why?

This entire situation is weird. The moment I began working with her she was so shitty to me. Like.. rolling her eyes when I said hi or just making snide remarks. I never knew what was wrong with her. In my three years working with her all she ever did was stab people in the back, spread personal info of other people like wild fire and try to get me fired. I went to my bosses so many times about how rude she was to the elderly and foreigners. She stole from our drawer and of course because we had no cameras I couldn't prove it was her even though were the only ones working. I worked third by myself and she would come in 2 hours before my shift would be over. She was always trying to see what I was doing on the computer or trying to find me on FB. Someone kept putting nails in my brand new tires at work. I went through 4 tires in one month.. Of course, can't prove shit without cameras. I left my job when I realized they would never do anything about the harassment. I lied and told everyone I was moving back home (350) miles away. She found where I started working and has been calling and hanging up every day. The caller ID shows her number, Sometimes she would call from the work phone. I told my boss and he contacted her employer and told them to control her or we were going to the cops. I dont know what I did to make this woman so fixated on me. Im at a loss here. Its not like she's inlove with me or something. She just can't bud the fuck out of my life. she's done so many terrible things to me. Including asking me about my ex of 6 years who just broke up with me every day after it happened. Calling me a bitch for not missing him even though i tried to explain to her that he was abusive and a user... I just dont understand why she can't let me go. I want to quit my new job now because im worried about her sending trouble up here while I work by myself..


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  • Your new boss is very good don't leave a job where you have support and understanding. The woman has serious issues. Even if it wasn't her that punctured your tyres or stole ringing you now is just lunacy. She is a bully. Twisted and mean. Keep your head up. I'm sure it feels weird and scary but don't give her the satisfaction. Don't let her spoil your life.

  • go to the police

    • My boss did it for me. Since she's bothering me at work. Im just so confused by this.

    • well if you are trying to understand her, you can look up the psychology behind what makes a person obsessive.