Hey guys! If anyone of you has seen (and liked xD) "Smallville", who was your favourite actor?

You can also say any other character that was not mentioned here. xD
My favourite characters were Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan. :)

  • Clark Kent
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  • Jonathan Kent
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  • Martha Kent
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  • Lex Luthor
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  • Lana Lang
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  • Chloe Sullivan
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  • Lois Lane
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Most Helpful Guy

  • "I prefer to believe in people." - Jonathan Kent

    His discipline and teaching turned Superman into the Man of Steel. His morals, his value, his beliefs. He is the reason Superman fights for the good of the universe. Clark will always be a son of two worlds, but his true father, will always be Jonathan Kent.

    • Agreed. :)
      He is the father everybody wants to have including me too.

    • I wonder the kind of man I would be today if I was raised by a man such as Jonathan Kent. Working on a farm, household chores, being taught right from wrong with a moral story in every lesson. After every hardship I go through he would always be there to bring me back to the light. I aim for this in hopes to raise my own children one day.

    • We should definetely follow his example. :)

Most Helpful Girl

  • all the characters are just perfect lol but clark kent aka tom welling was my love back in the day. I was obsessed with smallville, i pretty much knew every word to every episode. speaking of, its years later since my full fledged obsession and i now have a smallville dvd in the disc drive of my computer... lol


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What Guys Said 2

  • Lana Lang, of course, she is hot ;)

  • I would say between Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk) and Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack). They are very pretty and talented.


What Girls Said 1

  • Lana ♥ I was very young when the show was and I liked Lana.

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