I feel so stupid - why can't I just be normal?

I have dyscalculia. If you ask me what 8 + 7 is - I have to use at least 10 minuts, if I don't have access to a calculator. I just can't learn it - I'm trying so SO hard, but it just doesn't make any sense - equations for an example. I can't crush the code. It's so confusing. My teachers are getting frustrated with me, and often accuse me of not participaiting in class - EVEN though I have these extra classes in math.

It makes me so angrya, frustratet and upset, that I tend to completly break down in tears - because I feel so stupid compared to the other students. It's so embarresing to be the only one who raises her hand, because she still doesn't get it. It sucks the be the one who just can't understand it.

People can tell me how to do it - even show me it, but when I'm alone with the excersises, it's gone.

How can I get rid of these feelings? I don't know what to do. I feel so ashamed.


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  • Just study something that doesn't involve math. Find out what you are good at and go for it.


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  • omg!! ME TOO! Or at least I'm almost sure I have dyscalculia! I understand 100%! I've always done absolutely terrible in math growing up! I'd get the concept for a few days, but as soon as testing time comes around, it's all gone. I won't recognize the type of math problem or how to do it, and I won't even know how to approach it if it isn't simple PEMDAS or adding and subtracting. It's honestly REALLY frustrating when you fall behind and have to admit to your teacher that you dont understand anything. And when they try to explain it to you, they have to repeat themselves over and over but you STILL dont understand what's being said, to the point where (at least in my case) you just lie and say "ohh i understand it now" just so you can move on from the embarrassing situation.

    And for me, it sucks because I'm always placed in the easiest math classes my school has to offer, and I still dont understand what's going on. Currently I'm in my 2nd year of college, I skipped out on taking required math classes last year and pushed it back up to now, and i HATE it. I haven't showed up to math class in like 3 weeks, bc it's just me and a bunch of freshmen who already know all the answers to the questions. I hate it bc it makes me feel so stupid, even though I'm great in literally EVERYTHING else non math related. What I'm planning to do is, I'm gonna eventually go to a school psychologist and have it made an official diagnosis, and hope it'll get me out of having to go take any more math classes. It's a kinda silly hope, bc you need math in order to advance in college, but it's just really bad for me.

    I don't have much help to offer, bc I'm currently tackling the problem myself, but I just wanna let you know you aren't alone. I too understand how frustrating it is when everybody around u finishes their math test, and you're still on the first page, trying not to cry bc of how stupid you feel. I managed to scrape by in high school by taking the lowest math classes there was, and having a few teachers who were nice enough to understand how hard math was for me, and that simple studying could NOT fix it. Just do really well in all your other classes, and hopefully that will compensate for your math score grade-wise! Good luck to you!

    • Thank you so much! Most of my teachers doesn't really understand it - I think I only had two who did. I tend to just nod and say yes - since we're a huge class and the other students also need help, so I often feel bad about ''stealing'' put teacher.

    • omg i totally understand. The absolute WORST for me is when my professor finishes explaining something and goes "are there any questions?", and nobody says anything! I never want to raise my hand bc I know I'm just gonna hold everybody up bc I want him to repeat everything he just said, and I'm taking up class time with something everybody else understands but me! Not to mention, I know the other students are just gonna get bored and fed up having to go over something again just because I dont get it. It's terrible, because u know they'll talk about you, and probably think you're stupid or slow. And have you ever been in class and listen to some of the other students talk, and hear how they'll complain about "the homework is so easy, the teacher is giving us 5th grade math" or something like that? I hate when people do that, and it makes me feel extra awful, because I'm supposed to be the "big kid" in the class, since everyone else is a freshman and I'm a sophmore. It SUCKS!!

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  • You may have dyscalculia, check out the free dyscalculia screener at dyscalculiaservices. com in the left navigation bar! Get diagnosed and get specialized tutoring, regular math tutoring won't help.


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