What the hell is wrong with me?

I've liked a girl, asked her out, we stuck together, we're friends, i like her still and she keeps saying she has had fantisies of having sex with me, not a problem, but recently we passed a barrier and she kissed me on the cheek (i kissed her too on the cheek), she still maintains the fact that she worries that she'll just hurt me, but thats not a problem to me, the real problem is that recently after that kiss and afternoon, she's been acting weird and its had a bad effect on me, i feel tense, i worry i'm some sort of monterous person, whose far too controlling, and gets jealous and angry too easily, i don't want to be this person, but i'm worried i'm starting too change, and not for the better, my personality has changed slightly, i have a tendency to snap at my family, and i feel frustrated and angry right now, i'm far less tolerant and kind (i'm usually quite quick and witty, but now i'm just annoying) but suddenly those seem to be disappearing, and i'm afraid this is what i usually am like. i just want to be calm, kind and confident in myself, i might be worrying, i might be being very rash, but i need to get your opinions on this, what do you think?


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  • You're overthinking it. You're perfectly normal, just try to make her feel okay, it sounds like she just got real shy after giving you that kiss, and that's normal. It's nothing about you.