How to light up someone's mood?

In my school there is a girl that in my opinion she's so nice and cute but I was told by a guy friend of mine that she's been depressed for about a year now but he doesn't know why. I got the chance to talk to her today and I must admit that she hid it pretty well but there were also some small hints of her bad mood. Anyway, I would really like to cheer her up although we are not friends. Any ideas? :)
Thank you in advance


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  • as a person who was shunned all through school and suffered from depression since my teens I would have loved it if someone would have just talked to me although I would have been afraid to talk back. even talking makes a person feel like they matter to someone. mabee after she's comfortable you will find out whats wrong.

    • I'm not sure that she's depressed about not being loved. She's pretty popular and hangs out with almost everyone, she's the social type. But I've been wondering If she has any female close friends. I can't really figure out what would be a good move to make.

  • She needs a boyfriend

    • She has one and she loves him dearly. :)

    • Oh is she getting abused at home

    • I don't think so but I wouldn't know..
      As I mentioned before, we're not friends

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