Unanswered September 11th questions?

Disclaimer: This is in no way to diminish the absolute horrific loss of life on 9/11. It is more to with the questions without answers.

1) How did building 7 collapse?

An independent building, untouched by planes.

2) Why wasn't the second plane shot down?

It's understandable that NORAD was caught with it's pants down when the first plane crashed. It only had a few minutes to respond... but come on, it had plenty of time to track down the second plane and intercept it! (17 minute delay between crashes) Even the MAINSTREAM MEDIA responded quicker than NORAD...

3) Why did the South Tower collapse first?

The North Tower was direct hit right at it's core (the Commission explains). The South Tower WASN'T a direct hit. Remember the South Tower was hit SECOND.

4) Why did bombs go off at the WTC?

According to eye witnesses, bombs could be heard going off, from the subway and the streets. (Plenty videos of this on YouTube).

5) How did the MSM (Mainstream Media) link Osama Bin Laden?

Minutes after the attack stations such as CBS were already claiming that Bin Laden was behind the attacks. How did they have this foresight without any investigation?

6) Why was the president reading a book to "children"?

Isn't that a convenient narrative? He's reading a book to children with the cameras rolling! He doesn't react as up to 3000 people die...

7) Why are there no plane fragments at the Pentagon?

Many "conspiracy theorists" (as named by MSM), but who we should know as critical analysts, suggest that a missile hit the building, not a plane.

8) What happened to flight 93 in Shanksville?

Why wasn't it shot out of the sky? Or the government, who can't be trusted, lied about the event and shot it down themselves?

Please take your time to answer all of these without being rude or antagonistic.


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  • Sounds like a lot of the questions I've always wondered about too...


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  • 1) a huge chunk of the building was destroyed then a fire.
    2) do you seriously think anyone is going to shoot down a passenger plane?
    3) no idea what you mean by a direct hit. the south tower fell first because it was hit lower.

    6) I didn't know presidents werent allowed to read to kids. pretty sure people died after he was reading. Would you have rather he just freaked the kids out?
    7) there are pictures of plane parts at the pentagon

    flight 93 crashed...

    • 1) It was untouched. It collapsed in 6.5 seconds (rememberbuilding7.org/7-facts-about-building-7/)
      2) If it means saving the life of countless others... it would and should have been destroyed.
      3) "Direct hit" means the plane flew intentionally into the CORE of the building. The full plane hit it.
      6) America was under attack during his reading. He was told twice about the attacks. He doesn't do anything.
      7) Where. Show me.

    • 1) 2 freaking gigantic skyscrapers fell right next to it and you say its untouched... ok. plus there are pics out there of a big corner missing. the 6.5 second thing has be debunked, they fudged the math.
      2) its not going to happen. never. would you personally shoot down a plane full of innocent people? should they have shot down all the other planes in the sky too?
      3) either way a plane full of full of fuel hit a building. it hit lower so there was more stress on the weakend are of the building = falling first.
      6) i really dont think this is an issue but. When did they know it was attack vs when was he reading?
      7) is your google broken? tons of pics out there.

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