What should I say? Please help?

Basically, I went to the first two trial seesion for my schools football team. There has been two trial sessions since then that I didn't know about. This is because it was an invite only session on Facebook. I didn't get an invite, but one of the coaches said "I think you will get in the team" he told me this in the second trial that I went to but, I haven't recived any invite.

I think this is because I registered with my current surname and not the old surname that is on my Facebook, this may explain how they could not find me (if they were looking to invite me). I got one of the coaches on Facebook (the one that said I was likely to get in the team) my friends said I should messaged him, but I don't know what to say. So GAGERS... please give me some advice on what to say to him on Facebook.


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  • I gotta get back to you on this...

  • I would just wait. Do you know if anyone else got invited?

    • Yeah a lot of people have been invited, there was a training session today & I didn't know about it because it was an invite only, I want to message him, but I'm not sure on what to say

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