I fell ugly and not as smart as other girls. How do I get over my insecurities?

I see other grils in my class and they are all super models. I really do not care for looks a lot;however, I always feel ugly and insecure.
When I am in class I see other girls who do so well in school. I felt like I got put down by my teacher today and was on the verge on crying. I spend hours studying and doing my homework. I always tell myself I am smart enough to go to college, I do not feel like I am.
How do I deal with these insecurities?


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  • Keep on studying; if you are disciplined, you'll do very good at college.


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  • Hon, I'm sure you look gorgeous, don't worry about your looks. Everybody has insecurities but you just have to learn to love them! If you're concerned about grades get extra help, I assure you your teacher will help, it's her job. Study/work harder and your grades will come up. :)


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  • Sometimes insecurities are real flaws. Accept them and work towards fixing them.

    I know I'm not an alpha male so I'm working towards making myself look better. I didn't care about high school so when I got to uni I failed my first semester. I spent time figuring out how I learn best, third semester in and I'm currently at 90%+ for all my courses.


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