My friend is not talking to me after she finds out about me having sex with her dad and she went missing? What do we do?

This isn't the first time and her dad and i are kind of dating secretly and we wanted to tell her later. Before a couple days we were together in the house having fun because she was away in a small trip to visit her mom. I was in the kitchen drinking water it was after midnight and suddenly she just walked in from outside, she was super angry and she noticed me standing there so she said what are your doing here? I didn't know what to say, i was really nervous Then she was chocked because i was wearing her dad's t-shirt. I tried to explain but she just slapped me on the face and she looked disgusted at her dad when he come downstairs top less. she run outside and drove her car! We went to wear our clothes and we tried to go after her but she was already gone. It's been a week and two days now and we are still looking for her and call her but she dodging both of us. her dad even told the police to look for her. I feel so bad because I didn't tell her the truth earlier and everything is just really bad now. How do we fix this?


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  • This is unfixable. You've lost your friend forever

    • But i don't to lose her. I mean i want to apologizes to her because i regret hiding it from her.

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  • Wow you literally don't care about your friend.
    Way to break the friendship barrier.
    I don't blame her for running away.
    You can't fix this. Leave her be and if she wants to talk to you, she'll come to you.

    • Thank you

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    • Now i understand. I'll watch it and thanks by the way

    • Welcome. Hope it's worth loosing a friend over and not just about the sex, I don't envy your situation. Good luck!

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  • sorry but that was just wrong if u plan on continuing I wouldn't expect to see much of her because she was betrayed by her father and friend. I wouldn't handel it well


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