What's more serious?

What's a more serious thing out of self harming and an eating disorder

  • Self harm
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  • Eating disorder
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  • Both
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  • None
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  • Don't know
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  • A eating disorder is sort of a form of self harm ain't it?
    Just a very sloooooow acting poison.


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  • Self harming is just surface damage, same as getting a scrape
    Anorexia consumes your life, you obsess over everything you have it haven't eaten even when you're not eating. It destroys your body, stops your period, causes diabetes and organ failure and is just terrible. Anorexia is a form of self harm and both stem from types of depression

    • *Obsess over everything you eat, even when you're not eating* Jesus lol

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  • Both. They are equally bad for your body.

    • More people die from eating disorders than self harm though

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    • *sigh* I realize that I can't make another opinion.

    • Here is my second opinion:
      Although in health class, I had to do an iMovie (haha) about anorexia.
      Anorexia is really bad for your health, and your body.
      Anorexia is skipping meals, lacking to eat.
      It's an emotional disorder.
      Many people, mostly teenagers, suffer from anorexia nervosa.

      On the other hand...

      Self harm is when you deliberately inflict physical harm on yourself, mostly in secret.
      For example, cutting, or burning yourself.
      Self harm is mainly without suicidal intentions.

      If I had to choose between eating disorders and self harm... again, it's a very hard decision, so I would have to go with both.

  • both are really serious issues that harm you body, in different ways. and if it get bad enough can lead to permanent damage, and even death.

  • I Have both and believe me its serious

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