Am I still brave?

I'm known as the tough one in my social group, because I'm tall, strong, have broad shoulders, and I don't like to take crap from people. I also find myself thinking things like "If a shooter were to burst into my school right now, I would risk/sacrifice myself to save as many people as possible." In general, I realize that one of my life goals is to protect people at any cost. However, I have tiny irrational fears, like spiders, bees, or any insect that gets anywhere near my ear. I feel like these make me seem weak and cowardly. Am I still brave, despite the irrational fears?


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  • Elephants tear lions to pieces and jet their scare of mice's. i didn't like bees buzzling in my ear not until i stole some slices of honey comb with nothing but a hoodie and a pack of smokes, you get use to everithyng.


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