If your life could only take place within the span of one decade in history or the present decade, which decade would you choose and why?

Lets say your life starts at 20 and lasts until you're 30 and you can choose either a decade of history or the present decade to live it, which would you choose and why?

  • Present
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  • "The naughties"
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  • The 90's
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  • The 80's
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  • The 70's
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  • The 60's
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  • Other (explain)
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  • Each decade certainly has it's appeal. I think from a "would I be entertained?" point of view, I would either choose the present decade due to the internet/technology and television or I would choose the 80s due to the amazing movies that came out then, particularly of the horror variety.

    So, it's a tossup between those two. Although the 90s for it's relaxed atmosphere and great video games is a solid runner up.


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  • the roaring 20's the last time the us was truly the greatest country in the world

  • This decade because I don't want to be beat while being discriminated or lynched

    • What do you think you would've been discriminated against for?

    • I'm colored dude lol 80s 70s 60s

    • I guess that's true. Colour never really went main stream until the 60's so you would've looked pretty weird walking around full colour before then when everyone else was still greyscale.