Am I being unfair?

In my school there's a small room called "library" even If it doesn't have any books to read. I usually hang out there with my friends at breaks. So, today some of the high and mighty girls went into the room and started talking extremely loud, taking selfies and after that, they started singing. I got pissed off and I left because I found it so annoying that they respected no one in the room, and I was trying to read a goddamn book. Although there are no official rules for the room; I find it obvious that If you're in a small place you are suppossed to respect other people and not be an annoying bitch.

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  • No, I would have probably told them to shut the fuck up.
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  • I wouldn't have told them to shut the F up because those girls sound ghetto and ghetto people like to fight. I probably would've been annoyed and left, or stayed depending on whether or not I could get my focus back.

  • Yeah, some girls are super loud. Lol.

    But I wouldn't have left since it doesn't bother me too much.

    There is a small office in my school that my friend and I meet up at during free period.

    And the students in there talks so loud sometimes.

    Sometimes it slightly irritates me if I am trying to sleep but otherwise not so much.

    But you weren't wrong to leave the room.

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