How can we protect Anonymous?

Most of us know that it is the anonymous who are mainly terrorizing the online community. But I tell you some of us are good out there! How do we protect the good ones?

Scenario: Anonymous gives a valid and neutral opinion to QA. QA disagrees with offense and is actually the one harrassing anonymous and anonymous cannot block the QA from posting on their opinion because they are anonymous. How can the good ones survive? We don't want to be bullied anymore.

The appropriate action would be to report the user for harrassment and let an administrator deal with it, but it is like calling the cops and waiting forever for them to show up. Usually it is too late and the damage has already been done, severely. There is nothing we anonymous can do to stop a QA from bashing us continuously, only the public has the power to block us. I am sad.

Please take note of all the bad troll user anonymous out there, I am referring to the good and nice ones that are getting their feelings hurt.


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  • Long live anonymous! :D
    I think you should talk with an admin or something.. I don't know

    • That seems to be the best solution possible. Thank you.

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  • I think it is what it is, when people can't argue their corner they start clutching at straws and attacking anonymity is just the best they can do. Fuck 'em.


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  • I would love to just block all questions that are posted anonymously...
    If the question is important enough, they'll ask it regardless.


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  • Don't, they're cunts.

    • I apologize that you feel this way. I am trying to make a difference. It is quite difficult.

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