Girls, even though this is least likely ever going to happen, what would you do if another girl keeps harassing your boyfriend or brother and?

even goes as far as unconsentingly laying her hands on him while you're boyfriend or brother does nothing since he refuses to ever defend himself from a woman/girl (because of how he was raised)?

  • I'll beat the shit out of her.
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  • I'll go off on her as a warning to leave him alone.
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  • I'll let my boyfriend/brother handle it himself. He should be able to handle it himself like a real man.
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  • Others.
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  • It depends. I probably wouldn't handle the two the same. If it was my younger brother and he was really upset by it I'd be a whole lot more likely to get pissed and go off on her. Ideally just telling her to stop in private would be enough.

    I wouldn't get involved if it were my boyfriend as that tends to be ineffective. with the brother they know it isn't because you are jealous but as the girlfriend there is know way they think anything but that. He needs to politely tell her he is with someone and doesn't cheat on her.

    • I'm not just talking about sexual and romantic harassment. I'm talking about just harassment in general and since society frowns upon men who lay a finger tip on a woman/girl and even saying rude things back, the most likely thing to happen is that they'll just take it like a doormat and be made fun of either way.

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  • Depends. If she's poking him or something, a verbal warning. If she's verbally harassing him I'd tell him to put her in her place. If she's attacking him I'm going to open a can of whoop ass on her. And then yell at him for being a pussy. Chivalry is good and all, but out goes out the window when someone is behaving violent.

  • I'd tell her to leave. If she escalates with physical force, I attack her. I'm rather protective of my boyfriend, and I don't shy away from a fight in order to defend him.

  • Not really a warning as in threathening her, but I would tell her that I don't appreciate it.