Girls, How do I cope with me single for 24 years of my life?

Shit is depressing and my name is Evan Guiles you can look me up to see what I look like


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  • I think you have a ton of potential and if you're a down to earth guy- you've got loads of potential !
    If you want be to be honest hun, shave that dirty sanchez mustache, lose the chin hair and figure out how to do your hair. Be confident, be yourself and you'll be set !
    Have fun, be humble and I'm sure you'll have a girl in no time (:

    As far as coping with it- its not easy being alone, but if you learn to love yourself first and foremost, that will be seen by others, its an attractive trait as well. Know that the right girl will come along and absolutely adore you, don't go out searching for someone-let life take its toll, pursue your ambitions and everything will fall right into place (: ALSO, just because you're single doesn't mean you have to be alone - talk to people sweetheart, you won't feel as alone and not having a girlfriend won't be as much of a bummer as it seems to be right now.
    Best of luck darlin