How do I stop my roommate from smelling up the room?

My dorm room began smelling like dirty clothes/socks about a day after the semester began. Now, I know its not me, because it's not like my room at home smelled that bad, and I simply don't smell bad.
Surprisingly, the smell after he "dabs" (wax, a form of marijuana/THC extract) is much less of a problem for my nose. That goes away within like 20 minutes.

But this fuckin dirty smell, man... I think it's partially from his pile of about 10 pairs of shoes, and partially from his laundry that seems to have never been done, despite us having been in college for over a month. I refrain from inviting friends over because of the smell. He is gone on the weekends, and for some reason I only see him at like 1am on weekdays if ever. But the stench lingers... so if I ever get a girlfriend, and I have a whole weekend with the room to myself 😜 I still won't be able to bring her there...

Anyone know how to
1) get rid of the smell
2) prevent it from smelling worse (somehow figuring out the true source and hinting at it to my roommate)?


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  • my roommate has the smelliest feet, and he is aware of that so he has his shows in boxes and uses foot deodorizer and always sprays his side with air freshener

    open the windows, invest in air freshener , and make sure to ask him to do his laundry or put a lid on his hamper

    • I guess I'll just try to hint at him to do his laundry, cause the window is always open, usually with a fan pointing outside, and he sprays air freshener after he does his drugs.
      Dunno what to do about his shoes though, and they're right next to the door.

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    • hope everything worked out! :)

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  • Burn all his shit, no I'm joking, don't do that... open any windows and spray air freshener everywhere

    • Air freshener just mixes with it. And I keep the window open as much as it can (which is like six inches) with a fan pointing out, and it doesn't work.

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  • I will tell you,, the best odor neutralizer is this stuff called Ona Gell,, go to any hydroponics store and they will have it.. I farm for a living and this stuff kills the smell completely,, i have a few houses and it works perfect in every single one..

    • Awesome, I'll have to try it. Do you think I could find it at Murdoch's?

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    • So you just leave the tub sitting there?

    • Yup that's it... You can spread it out too.. You can put a little in a few plastic bags and place in different places