Why do people say "oh, they're dying"?

Like, if they're in a coma or something, yeah they're dying I get that butttt, aren't we all essentially dying? Aren't we all getting older, and close to death, why does it take something horrible to say something about people dying?


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  • Heh, damn.

    Just read about the stuff going on in Oregon right now, and your title gave me the wrong idea.

    For your question, people don't like being reminded what they can't control about their lives. You're ugly. Your dick is small. You're a cripple. You're balding. These hurt a lot more than 'You're stupid', or 'You're lazy'.

    • Are you saying people aren't naturally stupid?

    • You can change it, if you're motivated. You can't really change the fact that you're balding, though. That sense of inevitable worthlessness is a major cause of depression.

      "It doesn't matter what I do, so I'll just do nothing."

      If you just say, "Oh, they're dying", you're basically saying they're worth as much as a corpse. Because that's what you're comparing them to. An eventual corpse. It's why people don't like thinking about death. Nobody wants to think about how nobody is going to remember them once they're great-great-grandparents.