Whats food utensil is the best?

whats food utensil is the best? i think sporks because well its a spork you can eat soup and salad and never have to change utensils so what do you think is the best
Whats food utensil is the best?

  • chopsticks
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  • knife
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  • fork
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  • spork
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  • hands
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  • hell i just stick my face in it
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  • none i get fed like a god/goddess
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  • I chose chopsticks haha although they aren't a versatile utensil, they are pretty awesome. And they make noodle dishes taste so much better 🙊

    • true but they make rice so difficult

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    • What do you mean by being Asian? Were you born and raised in an Asian country or are you simply Asian American? The reason I'm asking is because - obviously - being of Asian ethnicity doesn't make you a better chopstick-eater. What counts is practice. For example my girlfriend comes from South Korea. She has been trained her whole life to eat with chopsticks (the Korean ones, traditionally made of metal, which are even harder to use than the wooden ones) and she's literally a master at it. She can given cut pork cutlets and Kimchi just with her chopsticks (and without looking clumsy). It's quite amazing. I don't have problems with the Korean/Japanese rice because it's very sticky but when I try to cut things with my chopsticks, I usually end up looking rather pathetic. So I think it's really something that has to be trained from very early infancy and practiced every day for 15 or 20 years.

    • @BlueCoyote Cambodian born in Australia. Never said being Asian makes you a better chopstick user. I just simply said I'm Asian and I can't eat rice with chopsticks, and wonderedhow some Asian's can do it.. Our rice is not sticky like Japanese/Chinese rice, therefore, always making it harder. Practicing and using chopsticks frequently is probably the way to go. My older sister is Cambodian but was born in Thailand and lives here as an Aistralian citizen in Australia. She knew how to use chopsticks now she's kind of forgotten how to use it. She's used nothing but a fork, knife and spoon here.

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  • I was raised my tigers in the jungles of Bengal.
    We had no utensils so we simply used our hands, mouths and teeth!


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  • Ha it's Futurama! love that show... Anyway for me it's spoon and fork. I just had to pick the two of them.

  • Despite having an Asian girlfriend, I don't like chopsticks so much. They can work great if you have a lot of practice but being European, I still think a real gentleman eats with both a knife and a fork :-).

  • Chopsticks are awesome.