Really need your help friends?

I have depended on this site whenever I've had a crucial situation.

I got through a major filtering test for a huge multinational corporation for a job. Unfortunately I screwed up the 2nd test because of a lack of time.

I got the rejection email today, stating, "Hi x,

Thank you for writing 'l' company's reasoning test. Unfortunately we are unable pursue your application further for 1 year, as your test score did not meet our management level threshold. We encourage you to reapply after this waiting period.

We wish you nothing but the best in your job search and future career endeavors."

This is a nightmare. Is there anything that I can do to fix this? In all honesty, their previous test, (1st round), I wrote 7 months ago and that definitely factored into how I performed on this test.

I am REALLY depressed right now, and all help is welcomed


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  • Wow sorry to hear about what had happened. That suck that your time ran put. Maybe you can see if they can double eck to make sure their wasn't a mistake. Its a shame that all of that time you put into this came down to this test. You can always restudy and try the test over again. If this is something you really want to do just study hard next time and do it and get it done and over with.

    • I have to wait 12 months to reapply. And the really sad part is that the 1st test I did had an 80% guarantee that I would pass the 2nd test, so something weird definitely happened here.

      I'm so upset... this is disastrous

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    • I think I took the last test so long ago that I didn't really remember the time factor.

      There were portions of the test I guessed purely because I ran out of time.

      I keep wondering if there's something I can do to convince them to let me re-take it, but they might think I'm some kind of crazy person for asking.

      This is unbelievable lol the retention rate was 13%

    • Wow that is unbelievable. Time flies by fast when taking tests That is another thing the gaps were to big in between the first and second test. True to bad their isn't something you can do because I don't think it was fair or right with what happened with the results They might think your crazy. But maybe your first score can back up your reason for taking the second test over.

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