Would you confront people stealing from a single mom?

My mom is a single mom and we have roommates. We share an apartment with a couple and a guy. Lately, things have been coming up missing.
My mom put her bread and bologne in the kitchen and the guy stole half the loaf of bread with a slice of bologne. You know you need Jesus when you are stealing bread and bologne from a single mother.
When I came back with my mother, I wanted to take a shower. I do not have a lot of clothes and one of my t-shirts came up missing. Than I remember the girl came to the door with my t-shirt on!
Who does that? You have to be a heartless person to steal from a single mother and her kids. Especially t-shirts and bologne. Since the theifs boyfriend owns the apartment, my mom does not feel comfortable confronting them. I feel like we should call them out;however, we have no where to go tonight.


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  • This really isn't the best course of action for you but I'd slap the shit out of them. I HATE thieves.

    • I know right. I know how it feels to not have a lot of things and to have my things stolen. Every single time I find someones things I bring it t the lost and found or give it to the person.
      I am so sick of people stealing from my mom and I. We do not touch other peoples stuff so stop touching ours. It is common respect.
      It is so disrespectful and ignorant. You are an adult, go get your own food. There is jobs, benefits, and programs if you are hungry.

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    • I will be fine, I just needed to vent. My mom always told me to smile and ignore people. Never drop down to their levels of immaturity.

    • That's very good advice.

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  • nah I wouldn't but I will just keep all my things close on in my room and get it out only when am using it also maybe change your room door lock if you can and don't give them keys

  • Id confront anyone who is stealing... Unless that fucker looks like he'll murder me...

    • Another reason we are moving is because he beats his girlfriends and owns like 3 guns. He started waving it around last night and he is a drunk.

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