Is it true you should never let a good crisis go to waste?

Its starting arleady with the college shooting?


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  • Rahm Emmanuel essentially said we should pass legislation, sweeping legislation I might add, during emotional states when people are most vulnerable to manipulation. Last time we did that was after 9/11 and we ended up with the PATRIOT Act.

    It's manipulation, a way for the ruling class to expand its power over the masses. Democrats are notorious for that and always have been, they're the party of monarchs and peasants, the "I know better so we're doing it my way" party. I dare say this is the main reason they push so hard for gun control, they ultimately have no true power if the people are able to resist their dictate. It's very King George-ish and completely anti-American.

    The reason these shootings keep happening is because the places they happen in do not allow their patrons to defend themselves. There several examples of ordinary people using legally-owned and carried firearms to stop what could have been a mass shooting (one of them was in Oregon back in 2012). But since at schools and frequently malls and movie theaters and Military bases the only people allowed to carry firearms are the psychopathic attackers shooting everybody for some irrational reason.

    Until the gun prohibitionists stand down, until they accept that Australia's and other countries gun control laws DID NOT make those countries any safer, until they realize ordinary, sane, law-abiding citizens DO NOT suddenly become bloodthirsty killers just because they own or carry a firearm (even those scary black rifles) these things will keep happening.

    If your Representatives or Senators at any level of government which you have a vote in support gun control, you MUST vote against them until the DNC gets it and starts supporting gun rights. The issue will NEVER be resolved until this happens.